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State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka the pioneers in the construction field in Sri Lanka, invites private contractors and private companies having experience in the field of construction who are willing to register as Sub Contractors and Labour Sub Contractors for the following work work for the year 2012.

(A.) Sub contract work(with material)

1.  Earth work  11.  Painting work
2.  Pilling work         12.  Electrical work
3.  Steel work    13. Air conditioning work
4.  Zn/Al roof work     14.  Fire fighting and fixing of safety equipment 
5.  Aluminium work      15.  Supply of Telephone system 
6.  Metal sheet ceiling work       16.  Fixing of Elevators
7.  Mineral fiber ceiling work       17.  Landscaping    
8.  Stainless steel work    18.  Road construction work
9.  Water proofing work    19.  Pipe work (PVC, GI, HD PE)
10. Pest control work     20.  Marble laying







(B.) Sub contract work(concrete and steel supplied by SEC)

1.  Shuttering work(with material), reinforcement work and placing concrete 

(C.) Labour sub contract work 

1. Earth work       8.   Steel work         
2. Pilling work    9.   Painting work
3. Form work    10. Electrical work
4. Bar bending work    11. Pipe fitting work (PVC, GI, HD PE)
5. Concrete work      12. Marble laying
6. Masonry work   13. Building construction using pre-stressed accessories
7. Carpentry work     14. Supply of skilled / unskilled labour