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What is unique about SEC is its experience in the industry where almost all types of building s and infrastructure projects have successfully completed.

Building Type Description
Pre-cast The SEC has been the pioneering organization in the development of concrete pre cast items. The SEC’s 3 pre cast yards produce many items such as sleepers for railway tracts, fence posts, wire con water tanks and structures, hollow blocks, pergola beams, pre-stressed purling, hume pipes, cylinder collars, well rings, septic tanks, sump tanks and soakage pits, concrete dustbins, kerbs, concrete slabs, open channel drains, electricity transmission poles, pre stressed bridge beams, bridge components and spiral staircases.

The SEC has been involved in the construction of many bridges, causeways and culverts.


In the education sector the SEC has successfully undertaken the construction of many school and university buildings including, class rooms, faculty buildings, lecture halls, playgrounds, library buildings and laboratory buildings.


The SEC has been involved in many projects in the health sector including the construction of medical wards, operating theaters, out -patient units, clinical buildings, maternity wards and administrative buildings.


The SEC is highly experienced in the refurbishment/ construction of sports stadiums, swimming pools, pavilions, synthetic tracks and artificial turfs. The refurbishment of the Kettarama and Pallekale stadiums to international standards to host the cricket world cup in Sri Lanka, was completed within a just a few months which was a tremendous achievement for the SEC.

Commercial Major commercial projects include the refurbishment and construction of banks, bus terminals, shopping complexes, water towers and fuel stations.
Religious & Cultural Projects include the construction of the refurbishment of the Temple of Tooth, the construction of image houses in Buddhist temples,community centers and museums.
Roads The SEC has been involved in the rehabilitation of several highways and secondary roads in Sri Lanka. Major projects in this sector include the Southern Highway Interchanges, the Puttalam- Marichchikade Road and the Negambo-Giriulla Road. Roads Rehabilitation work of Rathnapura, Galle and Mathale Districts
Other In addition to the above areas the SEC is also involved in projects such as the construction of court complexes and zoological gardens including the construction of an animal nursery and reptillium at the National Zoological Gardens Dehiwala and the construction of elephant enclosures and outbuildings at the elephant orphanage at Pinnawala.

There is no other similar organisation in the country which has such a wide experience covers not only in the construction but specialized works in engineering services such as Electrical, Mechanical etc.

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