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Consultancy Division


The Consultancy Division  is the largest consortium consultancy service provider in the country with all services under one roof has been involved in the design,  construction and project management of over 1000 building and civil engineering projects from  its  inception to completion. The level of activity of the Consultancy division has grown rapidly during the last decade and the Consultancy division of the SEC, referred to as SEC Consultants, is well accepted and recognized as a leading consultancy outfit in Sri Lanka and abroad.

The strength of SEC Consultants lies in the fact that it has a wealth of accumulated experience and a large number of qualified and immensely experienced Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Technical Staff  among its ranks all working under one  roof  which  makes it very  convenient for  coordination, thus increasing its efficiency and effectiveness.

This division is equipped with modern computer-assisted design and drafting facilities, including 3D animations and modeling software for analysis, handled by experts knowledgeable of design parameters and customer requirements. Both the public sector and the private sector are assisted by this division which remains open to new concepts and most modern specifications in the building and building services.

Commercial Buildings, Banks, Super markets, Secretariat Shopping Centers, Central Bus stands...etc.
Residential Housing, Hostels.
Educational-Primary and secondary Schools, University Complexes, Training Colleges.
Medical Clinics, Health Centers, Hospitals, Laboratories etc.
Sports Centers, International Stadias, Swimming pools etc.
Community Theatres, Libraries, Religious buildings, Police Station, Community halls, Museums, Auditoriums
Industrial Factories, warehouses, assembly & production lines
Refurbishment of existing buildings and interior designs
Industrial estates - Infrastructure services
Water supply - Treatment, storage & distribution Sewerage - Treatment & disposal
Highways - Roads & Bridges