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The State Engineering Corporation operates four pre-cast concrete factories including the largest pre-cast factory(Ekala Pre-Cast Yard) in the country. As a separate manufacturing entity, SEC operates a production plant for Concrete Sleepers used by the Sri Lanka Railways and supplies all their requirements. The plant is semi-automated and is currently being programmed for extension to cater to the new Railway lines to be laid up to the new Southern Port which is under construction. To supplement the Construction Group, it operates brick and block making factories, a large modern carpentry shop, a Dolomite quarry to supply lime for internal use(pharmacy selling cialis without a prescription in good quality and at an adequate price), the surplus of which is sold outside for production of fertilizer and cement.


The pre-cast concrete components manufactured by State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka fall into the following categories and are used for work undertaken by SEC work and also sold to outside organizations:

Construction Component Group Product List

Pre Stressed Bridge Beams View Details
Electricity Transmission Poles View Details
Concrete Sleepers View Details
Hume Pipes View Details
Septic Tanks View Details
Sump Tanks and Soakage Pits View Details
Fence Posts View Details
Wire Con Water Tanks and Structures...... View Details
Hollow Blocks View Details
Pergola Beams View Details
Pre-Stressed Purling View Details
Cylinder Collars View Details
Well Rings View Details
Concrete Dustbin View Details
Kerbs View Details
Concrete Slabs View Details
Open Channel Drain View Details
Bridge Components View Details

Other building materials manufactured by this Group include high-strength cement sand blocks of various sizes, high-strength standard engineering bricks and Timber products.

The fully-equipped Carpentry Division of the Group produces all doors, windows, and frames, in addition to pantry cupboards and household furniture for projects and for internal use as well.


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State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka,  Construction Component Group alt
  No-130, W.A.D. Ramanayake Mawatha, Colombo-02  
  Tel: 011-5743783, 011-5635865   Fax:011-2333500  
Pre-cast Yard (Ekala)  
  Tel:011-2236279, 011-2241012  Fax:011-2241012  
Pre-cast Yard (Rathmalana)  
  Tel:011-2610115  Fax:011-2610115  
Brick Production Yard (Dankotuwa)  
  Tel:031-2258279   Fax:031-2258279  
Sleeper Yard (Dematagoda)  
  Tel: 2690688  Fax:011-2690688  
Pre-cast Yard (Walikanda)  


On par with this production line is a complete unit for fabrication of Aluminum doors and windows required for modern day construction work. All requirements of Aluminum components for buildings constructed by SEC are supplied through this Division. Each of the production facilities are monitored and assisted by its own QA&QC Departments. The products manufactured by the Group are considered the highest in quality available in the local market.

Manned by an efficient and hard-working team of engineers, the Group functions as an independent unit with a market-oriented outlook, constantly seeking customers and assisting them in construction and erection, using components manufactured by the Group.