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SEC established a Research and Development division  to fulfill its functions as the leading engineering organization in the country.

The objectives of this division  are:

To be a leading organization dealing with research activities related to the building industry

To be an active local partner in joint venture projects related to the building industry
To analyze the business environment and physical results of the Strategic Business Units and thereby formulating strategies for improving and making efficient the functions of the Strategic Business Units.

To evaluate co-operate opportunities of the SEC and assist in developing strategic options for top management decision making process
Initially it has commenced  research projects on developing a low cost pre-cast wall and floor panelling systems. Also the division is envisaging to carry out project management reviews and audits of its strategic business units thereby contributing towards efficient project delivery.

This division is also involved in joint venture projects  in order to  diversify the organizations activities further. It also investigates and prepare feasibility studies of new project proposals to present to  prospective clients of the government  organizations to make them viable.



For any information , Contact the Head of the Division

Ms. Vasantha De Silva

Senior Consultant

BSc.(BE), MSc(Arch), MSc (Project Mgt), MPhil, Arch (UK) FIA (SL)

Chartered Architect

Tel : 0112335462 Mobile : 0714319050