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The State Engineering Corporation was established in 1962 to fulfill a most challenging task of undertaking the design and construction of a number of massive industrial complexes which were a major component of the development program of the country at that time. In fulfillment of this role, the corporation successfully completed the largest and most impressive array of projects, a single organization has ever been responsible for in modern Sri Lanka .

These include more than forty factories such as steel, tyre, cement, paper, textile, plywood, hardware, ceramic etc., complete with infrastructure services such as sewerage, water supply, electricity, roads, drainage and air conditioning. These projects commissioned and now functioning are monuments to the to achievements of the SEC. Subsequently, the development plans of the government also necessitated the construction of a large number of multi-storeyed buildings such as secretariats, banks, hospitals, schools, housing projects etc., spread throughout the island. The corporation has been responsible for the design and construction of the majority of these projects.

The harnessing of the river valleys for agricultural and hydro-electric development was another important aspect of the government's development programme. The State Engineering Corporation has been a major partner in the construction of dams, hydro-electric projects, channels etc., notably the Polgolla Diversion Project, Ukuwela Power House, Kalawewa, Dambulu-Oya, Kirindi-Oya Spillway and Radial Gates etc., which comprised of Phase I of the Mahaweli Scheme, and the Lunugamvehera Scheme. During the last decade, much emphasis was placed by the state on the construction of housing, the corporation was largely involved in the design and construction of several major government housing schemes and a large number of smaller housing projects in Colombo and suburbs. They comprised mostly of 3-4 storied blocks of flats complete with all services and infrastructure facilities.

In the recent past, SEC has diversified its activities and had under taken Technical & Project Management of several large projects in the country. Also it has acted as local consultant to foreign practices too.



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Design & Excellence to Architecture 
Division for Kandy Court Complex by SLIA 
Token of appreciation for the dedication and untiring effort of those Engineers from the SEC by institute of Engineers.
Awarded by “Dayata Kirula” for 
Development of General Hospital 
CTAD award for
Construction Excellence
Awarded by their Presidential Secretariat for Sponsorship for Wesak Area 
Awarded with the international star for leadership in quality under the golden category for the year 2011.        


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