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What We Purchase

Application are invited from reputed suppliers Direct importers, Accredited Agents Manufactures and  Public & Private Companies who wish to register themselves with  this Corporation for the Supply/ provide under mentioned Categories of  items/ services for the year 2011.



Stationary Items

CR Registers,  File Covers, File Tags, Field Note Books, Shorthand Note Books, Photocopy Papers, Fax Paper Rolls, Signature Paper Rolls, Computer Papers, Printing Papers, Duplicating  Papers, Typing  Papers, Ballpoint pens, Drawing pens, Sign pens, Marker pens, Pencils, Erasers, Highlighters, Pins, Paper Clips, Staplers, Paper Weights, Pen & Clip Holders and Glass Pads…etc.





Office Items

Office Equipment, (Calculators, Type writers, Photo Copiers, Writing Desks, Magi Boards…etc.

Office Furniture (Wooden Steel & Plastic)

Date Processing Equipment, Computers and Printers / Computer Hard ware & Software Machinery, Toners, Printer Ribbons.

Drawing office Stationery Including Plan Printing Papers and Equipment




Security Items

Security Staff uniform requirements

Safety –uniforms Equipment & Accessories/ Rain Coats & Gum Boots

Fire Equipment (Extinguishers other accessories)
























Construction Items and building Materials

Building Materials and hardware items (Barb wires, Mesh MS plates, Angle iron, Scaffolding Frames…etc.)

Iron Mongeries and Doorlocks.

Pipe Fittings, Pipes and other Products(PVC)

Pipes & Pipe Fitting (Non-PVC)

Masonry & Carpentry Tools & Engineering Tools ( including Power Tools, Grinding & Cutting Wheels)

Plywood Doors & Sheets.

Aluminum Building Accessories/Extrusions & Accessories

Timber ( Local & imported)

Structural Steel of all types ( Tor Steel Round  Iron)

Bolts & Nuts  OF all Varieties & Sizes

Oxygen and Acetylene Gases.

Cement  in bulk and bag

Bricks, Sand, Metal, Rubble, Earth, Gravel…etc.

Asbestos Roofing & Ceiling Sheets and Accessories.

GI plain and Roofing Sheets and Zinc Aluminum Roofing, Cladding and Fittings With Accessories

Wire Ropes, Bulldog Clips and Thimbles.

Ready Mix Concrete

Welding Electrodes, Gas Welding Rods, Gas & Electric Welding equipment

Garden Equipment’s (Sprinklers, Grass cutters, Sprayers etc.)

Wall tiles, Floor tiles clay tiles…etc.

Sanitary Fittings

Water Pumps

Polythene Bags





Electrical Items and Accessories

Electrical Distributing Boards, Main Switches, PVC Wires, Conduit pipes…etc.

Light Fittings, Bulbs, Fluorescent Tubes and other Electrical Fittings.

Electronic Items ( Media Projectors, Cameras, TV Sound Equipment Survey &Laboratory Equipment)

Refrigerators, Air Conditioners Geezers




Vehicle Items

Tires & Tubes

Spare Parts for Passenger/ Transport Vehicles

Vehicle Batteries




Plant & Machinery

Construction Plant & Machinery, Pilling Plants, Builders Hoists, Chain Hydraulic & Electric,      Drillers Concrete Pumps, Rammers, Vibrators, Compactors, Blasters.

Spare Parts for Mobile Cranes, Crawler Cranes & Earth Moving Machinery





Paints (Enamel & Emulsion), Polish, Sealing Compounds…etc.

Spray Paints, Putty, Filler Pastes, Thinner, Solvent Cement…etc.

Bitumen Products.










Janitorial services

Hire of Motor Vehicles (Cars, Passenger Vans, Lorries…etc.)

Hire of Plant 7 machinery Including Tractors Backhoe Loaders…etc.

Repairs to type Writers (Manual & Electronic)

Name plaques, Granite, Brass, Silver, Copper…etc.

Aluminum Tents, Sheds, Stages.

No Application Forms will be issued and applicants are advised to submit applications drawn up as per the Specimen below.