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Site No Name of Project Contr. Sum. Client
Mechanical & Electrical Group
1850 Balance work of Inland Revenue Building Car Park 110.00 IRD
2005 Repair and Renovation for Four storied block A, Mihidu Mawatha Housing   NHDA
2007 Repair and Renovation work to 64 Nr.Housing units in 04 Nr. Blocks (04 storied) at Samapura Housing Scheme Stage - I   NHDA
2143 Gaffoor Building 93.00 UDA
2007 Mihindu Mawatha Housing Scheme 20.96 NHDA
2084 Revamping of 10 Nr. Housing Blocks(A1,A2,A3,B1,B2,B4,A5,A6,B3,B4-375) at Nr.Housing Units with main Water Tank Water Sump & pump House at Bloemendal Road Housing Scheme 53.571 NHDA
2151 Revamping of housing blocks (08 nr. 'A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H') 160 nr. housing units forbes lane housing scheme (stage 1 & 11) 28.91 NHDA
1823 Customs HQ building Maintenance 5 Sri Lanka Customs
1087 Sugathadasa stadium maintenance 1.20 Sugathadasa stadium
2235 Ferguson road from church road junction to kalani river 34.72 CMC
8888 Rewiring at workshop Rathmalana 0.40 M & E Group
6028 Roofing, plumbing, air conditioning and fire protection   Construction Group
2235 Construction of strom water line - furgusion road - Mattakkuliya 31.7 CMC
Construction Component Group
1868 Construction of proposed Housing Project at Lunawa 1102 USDA
2286 Constuction of proposed wards complex for District General Hospital, Polonnaruwa 138.4 Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine
2291 Design & Construction of Development of Pola at Dompe 64.67 Ministry of Megapolis & Western Development
2293 Construction of Boundary Wall at Lakvijaya Power Station Norochcholai. 54.36 CEB
2292 Construction of Millennium Ward PCU & Paramedical services building (balance work) at Colombo South Teaching Hospital Kalubowila 743.01 Ministry of Health, Nutrition Indigenous Medicine
2274 Construction of circuit Banglow for Sri Lanka foreign at Katharagama 129.90 Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment
Roads & Bridges Group
2219 Development of Modarawila playground at Panadura 31,768,585.61 Distric secretariate kaluthara
2270 Capeting of Godagama industrial estate internal road 66,626,654.77 Ministry of Industry & Commerce
2269 Carpeing of Nalanda Industrial Estate Internal Road 40,402,708.59 Ministry of Industry & Commerce
  Improvements to kuliyapitiya - Hettipola Road 34,828,901.47 Road Development Authority
Construction Group
2256 Construction of Head office building for Civil Aviation at  Katunayake 803.37 Civil Aviation Authority Of Sri Lanka
1808 Proposed Sports Complex at Kilinochchi 233.11 Ministry of Sports
1892 Construction of 5 Nos of 5 storied Housing Blocks at Angoda Hospital Premises 1173.74 UDA
1967 Design and Construction of the four storeyed para clinical Building Stage II 543.64 VC-University of Peradeniya
2044 Construction of faculty building stage 3 for faculty of live stock fisheries and nutrition,Makandura premmisses 133.79 Wayamba university
2090 Galle Court Complex 734.96 Secretary -Ministry of Justice
2098 Construction of CEB Building at Gampaha 79.27 GM-CEB
2134 Isurupaya Building complex expansion project at Baththaramulla 275.94 Ministry of Education Services
2159 Construction of Prison Complex at pallekale 128.53 Commissioner General  Department of Prisons
2163 Design and Construction of Proposed extension to the Surgical wards , faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya 72.27 Vice Chancellor, University of Peradeniya
2167 Construction of car park and office building at Rajawaththa 62.07 Kandy Municipal Council
2193 Design and Construction of Information Technology Building Complex for University of kalaniya 157.59 University of Kalaniya
2194 Construction of Industrial Building at pallekale 157.99 Commissioner General  Department of Prisons
2223 Proposed Building for shops at Malimbada Sathipola 53.85 District secratariat at Matara
2172 Design and Construction of Pavillion at Goerge Rajapaksha play ground at Weerakatiya 62.00 UDA
2261 Construction of three storied Building for PCU.X Ray Unit, Clinic, OPD and ward complex at Base Hospital Pimbura 139.95 Director of Health Service
2262 Construction of three storied building for OPD, ETU and ward complex at Katugahahena Hospital 66.87 Director of Health Service
2263 Construction of Proposed three storied building for Docter's Quarters, Base Hospital , Pimbura 52.32 Director of Health Service
2273 Construction of balance work basement,GF,FF & SF at four storied store complex for Aurwedic Drug Coparation at Nawinna 57.03 Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation
2283 Extension to Block ''E'' Building at Department of Examinations, Pelawatta 490.72 Ministry of Education
2285 Construction & Completion of three storied market Complex at Eravur 86.96 Chief Secretary, Chief Secretary's Secretariat, Eastern Province
2288 Construction of Court Complex-Wattala - Phase II 134.52 Ministry of Justice
2289 Proposed Building Complex for Department of Technological Studies in Faculty of Applied Science at university of Rajarta 135.11 VC,  University of Rajarta
2290 Construction of Proposed Market Complex at Bandaragama, Stage II 138.16 Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development
Consultancy Group
[2016 -08]

New Galle Prison Complex at Boossa

2.8B Ministry of Prison Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs
[2016 -09] New Matara Prison Complex at Kotawilawatta 1.9B Ministry of Prison Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs
[2016 -38] Proposed Bridge at Botanical Garden, Gampaha 109M  
[2016 -42] Proposed Renovation for Bank of Ceylon City A Grade Branch at Panadura 50M Bank Of Ceylon
[2016 -57] Proposed Interior development of front common entrance lobby at legal and risk management Division of NSB Head Office Building (Interior) 10M National Savings Bank
[2016 -06] Proposed Bus stand at Hingurakgoda 71.6M National Transport Commission
[2016 -26] Consultancy work for NEMO at Pinnawala Zoo -  Free bird zone (flamingo) 55M NEMO
[2016 -50] Construction of Proposed Wards Complex (120 beds) for District General Hospital at Pollonnaruwa 153M ministry of Health,Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine
[2015 -20] Proposed Administration Complex for Gampaha District 2.95B District Secretariat- Gampaha
[2015 -23] Proposed six storied building for Horana Base Hospital 1200M Minisrty of Health, Indigenous Medicine, Probation and Child Care Services and Council Affairs- Western Province
[2013 -60] Construction of Five Storied Paying Ward Complex for Sri Jayawardenepura General Hospital   Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital and Postgraduate Medical Traninig Center
[2016 -22] Proposed lecture hall building - Ocean University, Mattakkuliya  432.2M Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources
[2016 -44] Balance work for the Project for Lecture Room Building for Faculty of Architecture ( For Additional student Intake) 70M University of Moratuwa
[2016 -45] Balance work for the Project for Multipurpose Building for Faculty of Engineering( For Additional student Intake) 70M University of Moratuwa
[2013 -64] Proposed courts  buildings at Wattala - Stage II  148M Ministry of Justice
UC/FM/PB/A/1107 Stage 3 Prposed Pre- Clinical building complex for Faculty of Medicine , University of Colombo 3.6B University of Colombo
[2016 -03] Proposed market complex at Bandaragama 88M Urben Development Authority
[2016 -11] Proposed Circuit Bungalows of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment at Kataragama  (CC) 63M Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment
[2016 -12] Proposed lecture hall building - Ocean University, Kalutara 71.3M Ocean University of Sri Lanka
[2016 -26] Consultancy work for NEMO at Pinnawala Zoo -
    (a) Wet and Dry Toilets
    (b) Fire wood kitchen
    (c) butter fly zone - visitor path (phase I)
[2015 -10] Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Auditorium at University of Ruhuna 293M University of Ruhuna
[2015 -11] Proposed refurbishment for National Savings Bank (International Branch) 9M National Savings Bank
[2015 -24] Proposed refurbishment of two storied training building to Sri Lankan Aviation College, Katunayake 173M Sri Lanka Aviation College, Sri Lanka Airlines, katunayake
[2015 -27] Proposed Record room building for Dept. of Motor Traffic at Werahera 78M Department of Motor Traffic
[2014 -11] Construction of Nurses Quarters at Sri Jayawadenapura General Hospital - stage I& II 404M Sri Jayawardenapura General Hospital
[2014 -17] Proposed stabilization of canopy system for Peoples Bank Head Office Building 285M People's Bank
[2014 -29] Albert Crescent Development stage IV – phase II Faculty of Music 58M Visual & Perfoming Arts
[2014 -45] Proposed extension to the surgical wards, Faculty of Medicine , University of Peradeniya 72M Ministry of Higher Education
[2014 -47 - 02] Proposed Building for Shops at Malinboda Sathipola 60M  
[2014 -78] Proposed branch building at Anuradhapura for National  Savings Bank 100M National Savings bank
[2013 -09] National Agriculture communication and Information Centre at Gannoruwa 246M Department of Agriculture, Peradeniya
[2012 -53] Proposed 500 nos. walkup apartments at Angoda Hospital premises 1.2B Urban Development Authority
[2011 -18] Proposed Mihindupura Housing Project at Colombo 06 4.6B NHDA
[2011 -64] Proposed Building project for faculty of Architecture – Phase III. , Stage 2 Dept. of integrated Design at University of Moratuwa 79M University of Moratuwa
[2011 -111] Proposed Extension to Treasury building - Fort 1.4B Ministry of Finance and Planning
EDMRA/ICC/(CBO)Ac/1152 Proposed Islamic Cultural centre at T.B. Jayah Mawatha 278M Ministry of Postal & Musslim Cultural
  Resident Supervision & Project Management Working Const.of 576 Housing Units at Aluth m.w ( Tower 1 &2,3) 1,548,461,538.66 UDA
  Resident Supervision & Project Management Working Const.of 576 Housing Units at Aluth m.w ( Tower 4&5,6) 1,806,538,416.54 UDA
  Construction of Relocation Housing of the Slave Island Re-Development Project Stage 1 for Resident Supervision work (TATA ) 6,520,140,000.00 UDA
  Resident Supervision and Project Management Work in Construction of 718 Housing Units at Aramaya Place 2,477,100,000.00 UDA
  Residence Supervition and Project Management Work in Construction of 480 Housing Units at Apple Watta 1,656,000,000.00 UDA
  Const.of 888 Housing Units at Kolambage MW Phase 1 ( Supervision) 2,220,000,000.00 UDA
  Town Center Re-Development Project phase 1 at Anuradhapura Archealogical Quarters 108,728,417.52 UDA
  Const. of 615 Housing Units- Phse 11 at Kolambage Mw 2,142,729,250.00 UDA
[2016 -50]  Proposed ward complex for Distric General Hospital  - Polonnaruwa   138.3Mn  
[2017 -42] /[2017-42-1] Proposed construction of Tharapuram Co - operative village (Proposed tank development with recreation facility) 108Mn  
[2015 -23] Proposed six storied building for Horana Base Hospital 105Mn  
[2013 -23] Faculty of live stock & fisheries stage 3  - Makandura    
[2017 -27]

Proposed MOH building at Payagala - Wadugoda

[2016 -63] Proposed Marraige Quarters for IP/SI at Biyanwala,Kadawatha    
  Design and Construction of two storied building for Electronic & Air - Conditioning Section of Department of Social Services    
[2017 -06] Proposed Building Complex (phase 1) for the Department of Technological studies in faculty of Applied Sciences of RUSL at Mihintale 135  


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